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The Risk Appraisal Forum was founded as a study group in 1976 by a group of Independent Life Brokerage Agency principals who all specialized in the art and science of impaired risk underwriting. Our first quest was to build bridges of communication and trust between ourselves and Home Office Underwriters, Medical Directors and Reinsurers, which had at that time had been unthinkable. Our second mission is to expose our members and guests to advances in medicine and mortality improvements which can be applied within the life insurance underwriting process.

The Risk Appraisal Forum has become an integral part of the life insurance industry. The group hosts two meetings a year in which leading physicians and researchers in various fields of medicine update Risk Appraisal Forum members and key home office and reinsurance underwriting executives, underwriters, and medical directors on the many medical advances that are occurring. The improved mortality and longevity increases that are highlighted allow the Risk Appraisal Forum to indirectly help proposed insureds all across the country by enabling them to possibly obtain more favorable insurance coverage.

The Risk Appraisal Forum presents the opportunity for our attendees to share breakthroughs in medical technology, treatment of illnesses and health improvements. There is no other forum that exists where marketing professionals from the field, medical, and underwriting professionals from the Home Offices, all meet with the objective of improving the business of underwriting.

The Risk Appraisal Forum, whose select membership is by invitation only, is made up of agency principals who specialize in solving complex impaired risk cases and helping their insurance brokers try to secure the most favorable underwriting decisions, combined with the most appropriate product and insurance company, for their clients.

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