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For Attendees

Attendees of each Risk Appraisal Forum meeting are selected and invited by the RAF meeting host who also acts as the meeting chairperson.  Guests who have attended one or more RAF meetings often refer to it as one of their favorite meetings of the year.

The Risk Appraisal Forum presents the opportunity for our attendees to share breakthroughs in medical technology, treatment of illnesses and health improvements. There is no other forum that exists where marketing, medical and underwriting professionals meet with the objective of improving the business of underwriting.

  • The chairperson of the meeting will set the exact times and agenda. In general, the meetings are set up to start with a reception on the first night followed by the study group meeting the following day. The RAF will provide breakfast and lunch during the meeting. There will also be a planned dinner event the evening of the full day. On the following day, there will be a morning breakfast and session with the meeting usually concluding about noon. On occasion, there may be a golf outing on the first day, in which case, the reception would follow the golf event. The golf would also be sponsored by the Risk Appraisal Forum members.

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