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The Risk Appraisal Forum attracts key medical researchers and physicians from around the country as speakers. Advances in medical research and technological breakthroughs are occurring at an ever-accelerating pace. New discoveries, shifts in paradigms, and advances in treatments are an essential part of our medical system. The Risk Appraisal Forum has developed a platform for the practicing and research community to share these advances with the life insurance community.

Your presentation could be instrumental in helping your patients and their families obtain the vital life insurance protection that they need.

The Risk Appraisal Forum brings together many of the key underwriting decision makers and policy setters within the medical underwriting community. They have the clout to make bold changes which can impact industry-wide underwriting guidelines. Together, it’s a wonderful combination! 

  • The group will consists of fellow physicians (medical directors),  executives in the underwriting departments, underwriters, and RAF members. The audience will have an above average medical knowledge. There will be no need to bring “down” your presentation or to spend time explaining the basics of certain conditions, diseases, procedures, or treatments.

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